EUROSKY is a research project, partly-funded by the European Commission, to develop a Single European Secure Air-cargo Space

EUROSKY will deliver a high impact programme for improved air-cargo security and facilitation to safeguard international supply chains and the security of citizens whilst fostering international co-operation and a broad stakeholder engagement from all segments of the industry.

EUROSKY brings together 21 partner organisations, representing a broad cross-section of the European air cargo and research sector, in a user led consortium capable of providing solutions 'ready for use' by industry.

The main project objectives are to:

Provide systemic solutions for European air cargo security addressing prevailing complexities and vulnerabilities aligned with international initiatives and building on complementary on-going projects

Offer different stakeholder groups enhanced capabilities for integrating preventive and reactive controls to address their threats in a timely and effective manner with optimised cost

Secure air cargo supply chains whilst also facilitating the overall process (i.e. achieving security without stoppages, keeping the cargo movements unimpeded at all times).


The EUROSKY survey of security requirements of organisations involved in Air Cargo handling is now open. Take the survey here

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