EUROSKY will adopt a stakeholder-driven, iterative approach for the development of the main project outputs.

A requirements analysis from security, legal, policy, market and technology perspectives will be undertaken guided initially by the EUROSKY Demonstrators. Subsequently, stakeholder surveys and workshops will be used to broaden the coverage. An important outcome will be a detailed survey of Security Gaps and Threats across the complete Air Cargo supply chain.

The results of the requirements analysis will be used to produce the EUROSKY Blueprints. Blueprints will address:

Integrated Model of air-cargo security management including Air-cargo Threat Taxonomy

Operational model for detection and targeting/detection prioritization

Supervisory strategic management model

The EUROSKY Solutions (Next Generation Screening Solutions, EUROSKY Ecosystem and Integrated Air-cargo Security Solutions) will be produced during the second year by leveraging the complementary competencies of the consortium partners and outputs from other Related Projects.